Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rainy and cold outside... fun and cozy inside.

We are having very cold days here mixed with plenty of rain. It's pretty rare in Los Angeles to have this kind of weather... We are doing our best to keep ourselves occupied and creative.

One thing I (we) did was to sprinkle left over garlands from little roo's birthday party to make a colorful flag for "roo's spot". As you could probably imagine..., she wants to open and close every single drawer and cabinet in our house. She does know that most of these drawers don't belong to her because she says "papa" when she opens them. She open them anyways and sometimes grab whatever she can find inside to play with... and I go..., "no little roo. It's papa's."

I figured a good alternative to our routine would be to have special drawers for little roo so I can guide her to "her" drawers when she feels like exploring the treasure. So here they are! We got one in our office area and one in the kitchen. 

I think we will fill our afternoon with more drawing session and a walk with shep since cloud is moving away (and taking a walk with shep while holding his leash is her favorite activity she picked up recently).

Happy Sunday to everyone:)


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