Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspirational Investment {the Push Pin World Map}

We are finishing up with our Push Pin World Map just in time for the holiday season!

Few years ago, FB and I found a wrapping paper that was inspired by a vintage world map. We loved the map so much that we mounted it on a cork board, framed it and made a rule that we would place a white push pin whenever we travel to a new place together. Three years and 28 white pins later, we decided to take the idea to the next level and share it with everyone who has the passion for travel and adventure!

Frido, my creative, awesome, German (and I would add more attributes if I am allowed) husband took charge of the creative process. We used up-to-date world map data and designed timeless yet sophisticated aesthetics. Once the design of the map was complete (after many many weeks of tweaking the map which took over the remaining processing power on his laptop), we worked closely with a local printing studio to lithograph print the map on a high quality & very sustainable Neenah Classic Laid Hand Crafted Recycled paper.

Each map is laminated on 1/8" cork board (which will ensure that your push pins stay in place:) then framed by a master framer in Pasadena in white or maple frames. We made sure that these frames are made in the USA and are FSC certified from managed forests.

We are really thrilled to launch this map as the first product of baum-kuchen original {Inspirational Investment} collection... because you know..., it's awesome to be able to invest in inspiration as a creative individual:) I have a good feeling that we will be spending a big chunk of 2012 to develop more original items for this collection! 

I would love to hear your thoughts on the map as well as the idea of {Inspirational Investment}. 

I think that the map will be great as a part reference tool, part art piece... to bring inspiration to your home from around the world. (but again... I am little biased:)



Purchasing Information:
Inspirational Investment Map
Price: $178 for white and maple frame
Available at baum-kuchen shop


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