Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hello {Midori Kangaroo Spiral Notebook}

I am pretty flexible when it comes to "how" I use my sketchbook. I doodle, lists, collage, capture... anything and everything that comes to my way that is inspiring and thought provoking... so it wasn't hard for me to completely fall in love with these Midori's Kangaroo Spiral Notebooks when I found them!

Isn't it clever? It's like they are the perfect hybrid of a sketchbook and envelopes. A match made in heaven... and it totally hits the sweet spot!! 

I am definitely taking one (or more) to my next trip and FB suggested that I would use one just to keep our little roo's memorandum... which makes me wonder if this would be a pretty cool gift for a baby shower. Maybe customize the cover and a few inside pages for specifics like "first name tag at the hospital"... etc. etc.  I think its potential is endless.

I decided to carry them in two sizes at my shop. A5 in a vertical format and B6 in a horizontal format. Let me know what you think:)

Purchase Information:
Midori Kangaroo Notebook (Vertical/A5) Price: $13
Midori Kangaroo Notebook (Horizontal/B6) Price: $13


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