Friday, November 4, 2011

Our office equipped!

We had an adventurous morning - another local estate sale visit! This one was unique because it was all vintage and collectibles. The sale started at 8am and we were there at 8:10am to find an warehouse full of like minded people hunting for their treasure! Seriously... people were buying cars full of goodies.

We were looking for some kind of storage for our office space as well as clever ways to display our items at pop-up shop. I am glad to have found a few wooden crates, a wire basket... and this fabulous foldable trellis shelf that becomes super compact when it's not used. It will be so perfect to hang our Message Bags as well as SIWA bags. I had to fight hard for this... negotiating until the very end with a lady who first found this shelf in the corner. A part of fun for an estate sale:)


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