Thursday, June 14, 2012

06:14:12 [151/365] - A real cocktail after 5pm

Today was a crazy work day... I am in the process of updating a lot of new items in the shop including HIKOKI from Flowers Studio in Yakushima...

I also drove to Torrance (which is totally on the other side of LA from our house) to pick up new inventory for Traveler's Notebook, Brass and new issues of Come home! magazine as well as HUGE! All these new items will be a part of the growing line-up of "to be updated on the website" list!

But come 5pm..., it was time to step away from the desk. Roo helped me to get ready for a big date night with FB, a lovely babysitter came by and we said good bye to Roo to head out for dinner with just two of us:) With all the traveling, work, weekend markets that have kept us really busy, we haven't really spent a lot of time together other than getting through everyday stuff so it was a really nice treat:)

We found a new Japanese sushi restaurant, Kimagure in Pasadena and LOVED it!! They only take customers by reservation... and sushi chef Ike-san really took care of each one of customers. It's totally Baum-Kuchen:) We did "omakase" style which is like chef's favorite from the day line up of sushi. Everything was delicious:)

Tomorrow Roo and I are heading out to the 2nd day of her summer school... then I will be spending afternoon to prepare all the PRE-ORDER shipment!! I am so excited and happy to ship all the goodies to my amazing customers.

Have a great early weekend to you!!



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