Monday, June 25, 2012

06:25:12 [159/365] - our favorite room

It feels like I keep talking about Roo's room lately... but SERIOUSLY!! It's my favorite place at this moment. We made a big change over this weekend - aka crib to a bed transition! We looked around for a toddler bed but toddler beds we liked were really expensive (and she is only going to use it for a few years, right??) so we decided to go for a simple route. A twin mattress with a super low frame... so if she falls off (which has already happened twice!), she still sleeps through.

Okay... so a big girl bed does not make her bedtime routine easier but she likes the space and what it feels like to be inside of the mosquito net bed (in her word, "a princess bed")... I hope she will be able to go to sleep on her own eventually.

p.s. now we are close to be done with her room, we are moving our attention to our living room... which will be inspired by "global expeditions" with our love for travel and vintage...


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