Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome MINOTAKE from Kyoto!

I am sure that you have already seen our new shop addition, MINOTAKE...  This beautiful collection has been shared by Gizmodo, tasteology (sister site to, Better Living Through Design and more... around the blogsphere!

I thought I would share a little background story about how this collection came on board!

I must admit... that this collection and Baum-Kuchen was meant to happen. On our last day of traveling Kyoto, I was strolling the city by myself (which was a super rare occasion...) for product sourcing.

On my way home after walking the city for three hours (without much success), I stumbled upon a small retail space that looked interesting... and there it was a collection of MINOTAKE among other beautiful bamboo products Kohchosai Kosuga produces. I was glued to their display and had a chance to talk to a lovely retail clerk there... I explained to him that I would LOVE to share their amazing collection at our shop in Los Angeles. He gave me a business card to CEO of the company and I bought a few sets to share with my partner-in-crime and my in-laws who happened to be staying with us during the week (and you know they have the most amazing German eyes for aesthetics:)

As soon as I got back to our home in Kyoto, I looked up their website and other retailers who are carrying their products and quickly came to the conclusion that there are very few people out there who knew about them. I was on a mission... I sent an email to Mr. Kosuga explaining how much I am in love with his MINOTAKE collection. I am sure that the email almost sounded like a love letter... (professional kind, of course).

Fast forward few weeks, we were discussing how to bring those collection to the U.S. and I was in the full gear to share these amazing products at our shop. One thing I really wanted to do for the MINOTAKE collection was to find a way to showcase their amazing sculpture form curved out of the bamboo. Doing a photo shoot and creating mini clips for each item was so much fun!

I will share a few of my favorite photos as well as four mini clips I made for the collection here!

p.s. On the next post, I would love to share some of the photos Mr. Kosuga has sent me from his factory!


MINOTAKE Small Spoon 

MINOTAKE Square Spatula

MINOTAKE Triangle Spatula


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