Thursday, June 21, 2012

06:21:12 [155/365] - Value of caring for things we love

I am pretty sure that a lot of kids have their "blankie" that they can't live without... Our little Roo has hers that she got really attached ever since her 1st birthday or so. This blankie traveled everywhere with her. When we were in Japan for three month, we tried to bring an alternate in case we lose it... (a smaller version with same material and color) but she never grew any attachment to this alternate blanket.

Now she dragged her pink blankie for more than a year, it is starting to fall apart. It started with one small hole. I was too busy to fix it then... so now after a whole month, it is literally ripping in half.

Today we had little down time at home with just two of us so I asked her if she would like mama to fix her blankie... and just like that we were in production!

After two hours of me stitching the blankie and her watching me do it (with an affectionate hug to the blankie... telling it "it will be much better"), her blankie is whole again! I chose to use a red strings so she could actually see where we fixed.  I am not a professional seamstress so the stitches are little rough but she loves the part where it got fixed... In her word, the little detail with red stitch is "kawaii!"

I am glad that we can start sharing am important value with her - a value of fixing and caring for things we love instead of just buying another one.

Now I got my sewing box out..., I am spying on what else I can fix around the house!


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