Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello, {HIKOKI, made in Yakushima}

Every time a box arrives from Yakushima, I can't wait to open it... because it smells so amazing! The smell of these wooden toys is like a forest in a package:)

Last week we have received one of these boxes from Flowers Studio in Yakushima packed with much anticipated new inventory of KURUMA, DENSYA and a new addition to the collection HIKOKI (airplane)!

With HIKOKI, there are more parts that are intersecting and you can really see the amazing craftsmanship of Togawa-san of Flowers Studio... and the iconic bubble head passenger looks so adorable on it. The passenger is positioned slightly angled so it looks like the airplane is in the motion! Clever, right? The propeller can be turned for additional play.

The HIKOKI has been inspiring me to do more stop-motion videos! Please stay tuned for more updates on HIKOKI!

Purchase Information:
Available at Baum-Kuchen


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