Monday, January 13, 2014

Coco at 7 months... with expanding curiosity

Coco turned 7 months old early this month. It feels this specific month has brought so much change to her. It's incredible to watch. Most noticeably her curiosity... Last few weeks I noticed that she really transitioned from observing the world to actively engaging the world around her.

We are at this very sweet spot where she could comfortably sit down by herself but not yet crawling... So she can be busy for a quite bit of time by herself interacting with the world around her without us chasing her everywhere. Even though she doesn't officially crawl, we find her sliding herself while sitting down or twisting her body back and forth to reach for something that interests her. Roo loves and adores her. She goes straight to Coco when she comes home from school (I usually get the second hug if I am lucky.) and Coco gives her the sweetest smile when Roo plays with her.

We have no idea if/when her hair will get darker... but for now she is a very sweet blonde baby. Sweet... yet willing and strong. She has a very special place in my heart and I feel so full of love and life when I hold her in my arm...

In another few weeks, she will turn 8 months old. We might have one more day or week(s) before she starts crawling which will surely bring a huge transition for us. But for now... we are doing good:)


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