Sunday, January 26, 2014

the doll

If you have seen my Instagram feed, you probably spotted Roo's doll quite a few times in past month or so. It was my love at first sight when we were participating Remodelista Holiday Market in SF. I was away from our girls to do the show and the moment I saw them at Jess Brown's table, I had to take the last two dolls home.

When Roo first met her doll, she didn't respond to her much. Little bit like... "oh, okay." Then I told her the story that the doll has a piece of my heart because I thought of her and Coco when I saw these dolls in San Francisco... When I finished telling her the story, she took the doll in her life and has never been apart.

Life with a doll feels such a special phase. So much care, so much love and so much companionship.

(A doll I got for Coco hasn't been smothered with love as much as Roo's doll. Hopefully in the near future...)


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