Thursday, January 30, 2014

January... you have been good to us.

Looking through my Instagram feed from January..., I am so thankful that some of the small (and big) changes we decided to make within our day-to-day family routine has made a huge impact to our quality of life.

We are definitely more focused now... so much more than previous months... as we made the promise as a family to "focus" on what's important at the beginning of this year. At home our laptop has been closed until the girls go to sleep. We are doing our best not to check the social media via our phones when we are together. (okay... I post photos on Instagram time to time but I don't browse other people's feed:) Simple changes like these are making huge differences in how engaged we have been as a family.

We are learning and figuring things out as parents as we grow together... and our girls' smiles on their faces are living proof to me that we are making the right changes to our life...



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