Thursday, February 13, 2014

A blank space.

This corner of our bedroom has gone through quite bit of transition in last 9 months. It used to be my desk space for anything digital related when I worked from home (pre-coco), then it was a crib corner for the longest time until we moved Coco's crib in the girls' room. Then it was empty for quite a while... and now I put my desk back since I am starting to work more hours at home between kid's pick-up and evenings.

It's so nice to have one place where I can count on... it's somewhat organized and calm when wooden train tracks and baby toys completely take over our living room (and the rest of our house). When I see the corner even when I am not using it, it gives me a sense of little relief. It's not because I dislike all the wooden toys on the floor... but just because it's nice to have some space that has little bit of... well... space.

I am using a very utilitarian foldable table disguised with a vintage table clothe I got from my mother-in-law in Germany (thank you Heidi:)... Someday maybe we could get a table like this slim one from CB2. But for now... I am very happy with my little corner.


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