Monday, February 3, 2014

Dear Coco... you are 8 months today.

8 months... 
8 months... really??? 
I feel like you could still be 3 months old. 

You are learning how to move your body... to reach for things you want. Wooden blocks and books are your favorite to chew on. Oh and of course... anything Satchi has in her hands. Also you are fascinated by a little indoor bicycle and its wheels. Once you find something interesting, you can keep yourself occupied for a pretty long time while I try to do as much cooking as I can in the kitchen!! You are not quite crawling with coordination... but you are definitely moving. 

Over the weekend you started eating three or four times more than you ever did before. I can't keep up with making mushed potatoes and carrots for you. Satchi loves helping me make these food for you too. (she also eats some of it too... which might explain why there is never enough in the refrigerator). You love eating but you are not crazy about your face being wiped after meals. 

You love playing peek-a-boo... you play shy and snuggles your head in me when someone says "hi" to you even though you are totally smiling:) Your favorite word is "te!". You say the word whenever you see something exciting... including Shep, elephants in your room and of course Satchi. I think we heard "papa" few times in last few days. 

Your naps are random... but you sleep through the night between 6pm to 7am. I have nothing to complain about that. Even when you skip the nap, you are such an easy going baby... and we love that about you. 

Coco... the cheeks, the hair, the chubby hands. 


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