Friday, February 14, 2014

k(not) leather clutch by clau... adding a new color to the shop!

Visual story telling has been one of my "thing" in life for last 15 years. Whether it's for trend research, family album or Baum-kuchen related... I love story... and I love telling it through visual connections.

This morning I got on the floor of studio/shop and did some photo taking of the new k(not) leather clutch Christine has designed. With my compact sony camera, natural morning light and exposed concrete floor... I could have gone for hours taking photos. 

I think that Christine's new "Cognac brown" is a lovely addition to what we were carrying before (nude and black). The clutch has a sense of ease and casualness. Little bit equestrian with the tan leather accented with evergreen stitching. I could imagine using the clutch with a pair of good jeans for everyday... 

Also I wanted to let everyone know (via pictures) that I specifically asked Christine to make sure that the clutch is big enough to hold Traveler's Notebook! Because nothing is worse than getting a beautiful bag and finding out that it's not big enough to carry the most important essential item, right?? 

You can find out more about the clutch here on our website!


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