Saturday, February 8, 2014

(alternative) to the way we give.

We love joining the celebration of friends' birthdays. Especially the little ones. They are so cute, festive and extra magical as the birthday girl (or boy) blows her candles surrounded by her little friends and family. 

Then there is an inevitable question of "What should we share as a special something to celebrate the birthday?"

We definitely don't want to show up empty handed... but at the same time... getting "things" to little friends who already probably have enough of everything feels outside of our comfort zone when it comes to the relationship with commercialism. So we have been twisting our heads for last couple years... There were some successful "alternative" gifts that did not fit on the gift table but brought a lot of smiles... and there were "others"... 

This weekend, we have been invited to two special birthday parties for Satchi's girlfriends. So I had this idea to make special head pieces with wild flowers using the colorful paper twins. (it feels like flower head piece is taking over the whole world lately!! at least Pinterest world:)  I had a blast making them and this afternoon before I rushed to the store, I tied a flower bracelet on Satchi's arm and gave another one to Frido to bring for a birthday girl. 

Well... I got a text an hour later that flowers did not make it because Satchi accidentally crushed them in the car while they were driving to the party. But watercolor cards with a mini bouquet tied to it made it to the gift table. Apparently I need to make sure that I accompany our (alternative) gift or need to make them away sturdier. 

We have to keep trying, right? 


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