Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sharing what we believe with the world...

Today I spent the entire day updating our website and our shop space with a new collection of the Superior Labor items. This will be our 2nd year carrying their products and I am so thrilled to expand our curated items both in colors and varieties.

As I was taking the pictures of their beautiful bags, I was reminded how incredibly lucky I am to be able to share artifacts we believe in. The way the materials for the bags are sourced from all over Japan, the way the bags are made one at a time by hands in a rural part of Okayama prefecture, how they continue to find joy in creating and making... I truly aspire their brand.

Some bags that were stocked today already found new homes within an hour of us posting the product on our website... (thanks to our amazing community on Facebook and Instagram...). Here is the list of items we updated if you are interested in browsing through!

Shoulder Bag: 
Khaki canvas with navy paint
Khaki canvas with orange paint (sold out)

Tote Bag:
Khaki canvas with yellow paint
Khaki canvas with blue grey paint
Khaki canvas with white paint
Beige canvas with red paint
Natural canvas with blue grey paint
Natural canvas with orange paint

Tote Bag LIMITED EDITION with leather bottom (with 3 stencil options)

It's so hard to pin point my favorite from newly added items... Frido loves khaki shoulder bag with orange or navy paint. I think khaki tote bag with white paint got such an awesome vibe while being versatile... and the tote bag with leather bottom!!!

Which one is your favorite??


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