Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beautiful growing ache...

Both Baum-kuchen and the girls... are growing little faster than my mind can keep up with. 

Satchi has been constantly running into walls lately and I had a little chat with her teacher at pre-school the other day and she told me that it's pretty normal when kids are having growth sprout, they are not as aware of their proximity to their surroundings as they usually can be. 

Baum-kuchen... also is going through some growing ache. We are still operating within the same parameter and scale... but I am slowly starting to feel the outside proximity of how far I can extend myself in completing day-to-day tasks. 

It's exciting to watch both the girls and our brand grow... but at the same time growth often comes with an uncomfortable aches. 

I've been working through the aches with Baum-kuchen by imagining how we can get few inches taller without losing who we are about. I don't really feel that a huge leap of growth is us. I believe in a slow organic steps forward. 

I am not sure what it really means yet but it's really important for me to be present so I can witness all parts of their growth!

both baum-kuchen and theg


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