Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Superior Labor: custom order with red canvas!

We sometimes get asked to take custom order Superior Labor bags with a specific color combination. It takes about 2 months for the actual bag to arrive after we place an order so it's such a journey and commitment for everyone involved... but I love the entire process and seeing the unique color combination when the items finally arrive to the studio.

This time our lovely customer Anastasia ordered 2 custom bags. The first picture: Natural canvas tote bag with leather bottom (left) and Red canvas shoulder bag with light beige paint on the bottom (right).

Aren't they fun? Anastasia was looking for a bag with darker color canvas so that she does not have to worry about the bag getting dirty when it rains. These two bags were shipped today all the way to Greece!

Since Superior Labor will not be making the canvas tote bag with leather bottom, I ordered few more to carry in stock so stay tuned for some updates to come! It's really pretty... and I have hard time keeping my hands off.


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