Saturday, February 7, 2015

Taking a calligraphy workshop with Maybelle Imasa-Stukulus

Few weekends ago, I had a lovely opportunity to take calligraphy class from Maybelle through Poketo's workshop. Honestly... the 3 hours with Maybelle changed my life.

I have to say my first "line" with a calligraphy pen was horrific... but she gave us a few tips and an incredible demo during the 3 hours workshop. By the time 3 hours went by, I was so in love with my calligraphy pen. I seriously can not put down the pen since then. Her starter kit (which can be purchased on her etsy store now) made things really easy to start. Because it can be really intimidating to get the first hurdle of "starting". I love how beautiful her kit looks on the table... and how easy it is to just grab them and start writing.

She is now teaching a class online through Creativebug. If you have an itch to write more... I definitely recommend her class!

And if you are receiving letters from me... unexpectedly..., just know that I have re-discovered the joy of writing and can't help to share it with you:) xo


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