Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spontaneous Inspirational Investment

Yesterday I had to report to jury duty in downtown LA. I know it's a part of responsibility as a citizen here but it can be a bit of interference to everyday routines... to drop everything off and be at the courthouse for an entire day or longer.  I was thankful that my reporting day fell on the day that I was usually in the studio/shop instead of the days with the girls so my little family did not get affected so much by this unexpected occasion. But I did have to close the shop for an entire day... 

Instead of feeling totally disappointed that I didn't get to work in the studio... I used the day to explore and see how the day organically evolved. Starting the morning with a Metro ride (Gold Line gets you from Pasadena to LA downtown in 30 minutes!) with my beloved Superior Labor Shoulder Bag... loaded with a laptop, Roterfaden, Traveler's Notebook, 2 books and bunch more essentials. I loved morning light making a beautiful silhouette of travelers at Union Station. I spent big chunk of the morning reading my favorite design classic by my design hero Naoto Fukasawa. During lunch break, I spontaneously walked to Grand Central Market which changed SO MUCH in few years since I visited last. There was an incredibly young creative energy in the market. Being in the market full of energy...alone eating delicious sandwich from Valeria's totally brought my traveling solo memory. I daydreamed my time in Paris alone for a few days in 2008. I got back to the courthouse with a cup of Kombucha Tea from Better Booth (with their cutest booth ever!)

I spent the rest of my afternoon working and happily responding to emails... in the courthouse's waiting room. When the day was over (and I did not get called for actual jury service... phew), I took my train home and had so much stories to share with Frido and the girls. 

The entire day, I was able to share bits and pieces of my experience through Instagram. It felt like our virtual friends were traveling with me.... giving me suggestions about where to go and what to do or sharing their past experience at the same location. How awesome the internet is, right? 

So I am thinking that maybe I could take a spontaneous Inspirational Investment day when I can take you to the tour of the LA neighborhood... Wouldn't it be fun?? Just a thought for future ideas! 


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