Tuesday, August 4, 2015

cheers to Shep

The weekend between our time in Palm Springs and Big Bear, we said our farewell to Shep, our dog, friend, companion, buddy, guardian of 13.5 years. 

Overnight while we were in Palm Springs, he became immobile from pinched nerves and upon x-ray test on the next day, we found out that he was also suffering from very developed lung cancer. We knew he was old but we were not prepared to say our good bye to him on the day. Our girls, Frido and I were there with Shep at his vet and our decision was made with overwhelming amount of emotion. We all had a very special last moment to say our good-bye and I stayed in the room with him until his spirit left this world. Through the entire process, he was so calm. 

Even after many days, it still doesn't feel right not to have him in our life... but I imagine him being free now. Free from his physical body that was limiting him.

Frido told me that his favorite memory with Shep was at Jalama Beach in 2007. Shep running after a tennis ball on the beautiful stretch of beach against sunset. He was running so fast and so fiercely. In and out of the water. He was beautiful.

My favorite memory with him was walking through Eaten Canyon when we used to live nearby. We went to the trail many morning of the week and walked through the quiet canyon. He would run and explore before and after me...just far enough but he always kept me in his sight. 

He had a very calm and old soul ever since I first adopted him. He was 2 months old. He was so small that he fit in my duffle bag. I carried him in/out of my apartment in the duffle bag since I was not supposed to have a dog in the rented space. Good thing our rent situation didn't last too long because he grew out of the bag very quickly. He witnessed me go through the design school, get a job, get married... and have Satchi join our family... then Coco. He was such a sweet soul to our girls. Always watching over them and giving kisses whenever we stepped out to the patio. 

He survived a rattle snake bite in our old canyon house. In a retrospect, Shep probably saved Frido's life since Shep's incident brought alert to Frido to do an entire house search in case the snake was still in the house. Sure enough... the baby rattle snake was found curled up on Frido's clothes on a bedroom floor. 

Shep, I am so grateful that you picked me to become your family... and we shared our time together. You are probably running freely somewhere between beach and mountain canyon... but your soul and spirit will always be with us.

Cheers to you, Shep. 
always + forever



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