Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dear our global customers... / shipping & handling

We are thrilled to share that we have decided to have 2 shipping options for our international customers. This decision came after thinking a lot about how we deliver our products. 

Few months ago, we decided to stop shipping using USPS Registered Mail. Registered Mail came with a reliable tracking and secure shipment (which First-Class Mail by itself did not have)... but its delivery timing was really unpredictable. Sometime it took 1 week to ship a package to Europe... then 6 weeks another time.

We always wanted to have a reliable tracking number and ship it in the most secure way. To use the service that matched our Baum-kuchen expectation. So when Registered Mail no longer met our standard, our next option was to switch to USPS Priority Express Mail. USPS Priority Express was more expensive than Registered Mail but had 6-10 guaranteed delivery, built-in insurance and tracking number. But after a month or so... we started to receive a lot of international shipping inquiries expressing that the price was just bit much. 

We went back and fourth "IF" we want to offer an option to ship items using First-Class Mail for more reasonable price. We don't always receive tracking number using this service. We can't guarantee when the package gets delivered... and we can't file a claim using USPS customer service. I am pretty certain that most of the packages will arrive safely in a timely manner but what if it doesn't for 1 package out of 300 shipments we fulfill? It was definitely a dilemma. 

After much thinking and discussing, we decided to be up-front and honest for shipping/handling options. Now our international customers will always have 2 choices for shipping method when you check out. You can either pick First-Class for lower priced shipping/handling fee (with a little disclaimer explaining above) or pick Priority Express with 6-10 days guaranteed delivery. 

I am hoping this will help our customers to have more options!

Thank you all the lovely global customers who shared your thoughts and concerns reg. our shipping/handling fee. Our plan is to try this new set up for 2 months and reevaluate the process before holiday hits. 

If you have any questions, please always feel free to send us an email! ( I always LOVE to hear your feedback:) 


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