Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Staying in tune with my analogue system / Traveler's Notebook

2015 has been a year of analogue system try & error for me. Now that we are in mid-August... I am happy to share that I am finally feeling the planner peace in my heart with Traveler's Notebook. So I thought I would share. 

Before I dive in... the disclaimer would be that this is only a portion of my analogue system. Aside from what I am sharing here, I carry Roterfaden (my personal everyday journal) and another Traveler's Notebook (my BK idea notebook) and use MD Diary for journaling for kids. But for my everyday on-the-go, my TN Blue has been working really hard! 

So here is what's in this current system.

1. TN Blue:
I think picture does not justify how this navy blue leather cover looks and feels. I initially hesitated the blue because I am such a brown leather kind of person... but the navy blue is really starting to grow on me:) Also this leather cover being slightly larger than the other Traveler's Notebook I personally own... makes it ideal to be my dashboard (or carry it all). I adore my little airplane charm that was gifted from our friend Sandi. I decided to keep it inside of the leather cover so that it does not get lost. Thank you Sandi:) 

p.s. if you are interested in TN blue leather cover, please send us an email to karma{at}baum-kuchen{dot}net to be on our wait list. We are looking forward to our very last inventory from MIDORI sometime in October. 

I use this calendar as my planner. It's very functional. No frill. This is my master calendar that makes sure that I don't double book myself between being a mom and a business owner. I have been using Pilot Frixion erasable pen (0.38mm) because my schedule changes all the time (thank you Beth for this great pen:). I like using the dated version because I plan thing months in advance... but we do have open-dated version available at all time. (link for TN 17 here

If you are interested in pre-dated calendars, we will be taking pre-order for TN 2016 refill notebooks soon. To be on the wait list, please send us an email to karma{at}baum-kuchen{dot}net 

My leather insert is getting nicely worn in after using it for over a year. Satchi and Coco left me some pen marks and I love all of that. This is my wallet component of my Traveler's Notebook. I carry a total of 7 cards I use most frequently in the card slots and few extra cards (like AAA card and a library card that don't need everyday access) in the zipper pouch. The front pocket holds receipts that need to be filed as well as few planner stickers. I have been carrying my Pilot Frixion erasable pen and Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil in the zipper pouch. It helped me to streamline the TN leather cover.  

Because monthly calendar is limited in space and dedicated for future planning, I do my big picture thinking every Sunday night for the following week using my Weekly Vertical Calendar. I enjoy using the open dated version instead of pre-dated one because it has more empty space to use... less noise. I add notes, thoughts and memorandum as the week develops. If I ever look back, the spread of each week helps me to reflect on the mood of the time. I don't do it as an art journal but more to organize my brain during the week. The combination of the monthly calendar and the weekly calendar has been really helpful to stay in tune with my time, resources... and myself.

Also one of our customer Judi shared the idea of color coding the edge of the page with mt masking tape so I started to play with that. Each month is coded with one type of mt tape. It adds a lot of personality to the spread and I love watching layers of time being built on the notebook... 

Also the trick for me was to let myself go from needing to bind everything into a TN leather cover. My weekly calendar is not attached to my leather cover so I can easily take it out and use it separately from my wallet component. It took a lot of agony out of my system because I can keep the weekly spread open now when I am at work. Also I go back and fourth between monthly and weekly calendar when I plan the week... so being able to separate these 2 calendars to get the simultaneous look... priceless. 

I carry this clipboard between home and studio. It's heavy so I am not sure if I recommend anyone else to do it but I LOVE using it with my weekly calendar when I am at work or at home thinking of the week. It keeps my TN refill open (and flat!) so it's always accessible on my desk. I know it's a small detail but sometimes those little things is what make the system work:)

6. TN size memo pad 
I also transferred my bullet journal component of my system into a memo pad. It's my go-to-place when I need to make a list or have some ideas that need to be captured on the go. When to-do list is done, I just tear it out... and other ideas and thoughts get transferred to final destination when I am at home or studio. Having this extra memo pad helped me to reduce the need to carry "more" notebooks in my Traveler's Notebook. I like using Roterfaden listDiagonal ring pad or MNEMOSYNE notepad for this purpose. It is alos not attached to the leather cover so I can use any brand as long as the sizing works! 

How is your analogue system looking like at this point of the year? Are you starting to think of next year?? (well... I am:)


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