Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Processing with pen and paper

Satchi's first week of school is going well. (I hope this topic doesn't get too old yet. It is so much of our life right now...)

I am definitely exhausted from getting up earlier than I was comfortable with... and making sure that there is breakfast for her to eat and snack to take (with a special note... that she requests). She told me in the car... on her way to the school yesterday, "Mama. You will get used to a new schedule soon. Don't worry." I suppose she noticed that I didn't have a chance to sip my coffee. 

I love that she comes home before lunch so we have big chunk of afternoon to spend together. We have been mostly staying at home... Satchi and Coco playing together, eating lots of healthy snack and having some downtime to talk about things.

Yesterday we were hanging out together eating lunch on the patio. We started drawing after she asked me how "tree with eyes and mouth" looked like. I think it was just the trigger she needed. For the rest of afternoon, we drew robots and sew clothes for her stuffed animals together. During the process, she told me few things she learned from her class (after not sharing pretty much anything until then) and sweet friends she made (as well as one mean boy who kicked her under the table.)

I think that she needed time to process and tell stories in her own term without me constantly asking and hovering how the day was (even though I was sooo looking forward to hearing about anything and everything that happened at her school). 

At the beginning of the summer I decided to stay at home more in the fall so I can be at home for both girls as they start new adventure at Kindergarten and Pre-School and I am so glad I did... I am already seeing that Satchi needs the time to decompress then share. I will have to be smarter in using my time for Baum-kuchen since I won't have as much time as I did in the studio. But I know that these time with our kids go by so fast in a big picture and it is absolutely 100% priceless. 

If you are working Mama (or Papa) who juggles healthy balance between work and family, I would love love love to hear how your everyday looks and fells like! 


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