Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Baum-kuchen at Remodelista Holiday Market / 2015

Few weeks ago, we headed out to the west side of Los Angeles and participated Remodelista holiday market. Every time we do pop-up (about once a year now...), it reminds me of our days at Rose Bowl Flea Market. Loading our tiny hatch back to the max with a tent, tables, and our items at 5am. Getting to know customers in person for the first time. Learning what display and items worked better and the design challenges that came with it. All of that. Things we did when our business was still an infant.

I am so thankful that this year... at Remodelistas Holiday Market, I had great support from Nerine and Eunice. Our table and display felt like "us". Friends visited and said hi! Customers we met in previous years at the same market stopped by to get more TN refills. All of that. All of what comes from layers of time and building something from scratch.

I know many of us are bit overwhelmed by holiday pop-ups and markets... because there is so much to take in. But I am thankful that we were a part of this particular market. Inspiring space in the Big Daddy's Antiques, local artisans surrounding us and lovely customers who spent nearly hour at our table looking and interacting artifacts we love so much.

So thank you!


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