Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cheers to another year to keep growing!

This past Tuesday was my birthday. I must say... that it was one of the "least" emotionally loaded birthday I had in a while. I could have forgotten that it was my birthday if it were not for my kind friends and families who reminded me that it was actually "indeed" my birthday.

There has been a lot of learning about myself in last few months as a parent and as a person. And birthday felt like it was a sign of growing up instead of getting older (which was how it felt in last few years). The day was extremely low key. Frido and the girls baked a special birthday cake for me the day before... and we got to eat the cake for breakfast:)  I went to the studio and worked through the day just like any other day and I loved that. It is my favorite place to be... and being able to do what I love to do everyday including my birthday is such a gift. Frido and I went out to dinner for Sushi and it was lovely. 

Thank you everyone for sweet messages and gifts full of thoughtful analogue artifacts. You know me so well:) 

Cheers to another year to keep growing!


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