Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Update on Analogue System for 2016

I am excited to share my (close to) final thoughts on how I will be arranging my analogue system for 2016. (you can check out my last iteration of the system here.)  I am passionate (aka. obsessed) about this topic because the process of thinking about it always feels very reflective of the current life state. Just like how people contemplate about the interior space and home they aspire living in... I imagine and dream about my analogue system.

I am excited that few components of the system will stay as is from 2015 and few other details will shift to a new ways of doing and thinking.

One big change I wanted to make... was to simplify... to carry and use less. I want to have less analogue places where I will have to juggle between... which probably has a direct relationship to how I feel about physical places and connections we are making everyday.

To do so..., I decided to remove my Traveler's Notebook weekly insert (TN/18) since I don't use the weekly page until I actually get to the week. (all my future planning happens on TN Monthly calendar!) I will be using some pages from my bullet journal (TN blank or grid notebook) for a custom made weekly pages. Also all the notes, ideas and to-do list for Baum-kuchen will go into this bullet journal style notebook so I have a single documentation of Baum-kuchen.

Few things I have been carrying around with my Traveler's Notebook include LAMY fountain pens in different points, Lettermate template for creating title of the journal page, FriXion erasable pen for appointments that might change. I just clip my LAMY pens on TN leather cover. Their clips seem to work really well with the thickness of TN leather. I am hoping to tab my Bullet Journal refill with TN monthly tabs (comes in this custom sticker set!) so I can archive my refills in TN archive binder and stay organized when I complete the notebook.

For journaling portion of my analogue system... I decided to use MD 2016 Monthly/Weekly notebook to document my family's everyday. Through 2015 I have been using MD Diary and have loved it so much. The notebook is filled to the max with my writings, kids' drawings, memorandum from family activities I have collected. But this year... I want to challenge myself to put little more focus on documentation so my notebook weighs less but just as meaningful. It will also allow me to carry Hobonichi Cousin Avec (A5 size) and MD 2016 Monthly/Weekly notebook in one Roterfaden leather cover.

To lighten my weight, I contemplated to only use one journal to document family memory as well as my personal thoughts... but I came to the conclusion that it's incredibly important that I have my own space to let ink flow... just for myself.

So I think this is what I am going to start my new year with!
I hope your planning for new year's analogue system is going well.

...and let's remember... that journey is the destination:)


List of artifacts in my analogue system:

Traveler's Notebook:


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