Friday, December 4, 2015

Cherishing December

December is here...
I like staying away from a lot of big stores at this time as it can feel little bit overwhelming and overstimulating.

At home... we are keeping holiday decor very simple and enjoying few details that remind us how special this season is to us. I enjoy how holiday spirit manifests itself in layers... over time. We put up Advent calendar from Frido's mom on the 1st of December. Girls are beyond excited to open a little pouch in the morning until December 24. There were few Christmas ornaments from Heidi in the first few packages we opened so I have them hang on the wall. This weekend Frido will take the girls to get our Christmas tree and it will cherish another corner in our living room. Little by little our home will slowly transform through December.

I hope you are enjoying your December however you cherish.

While kids enjoy some holiday activities with Frido this weekend, I will be at Remodelista holiday market. We don't do a lot of pop-up shows anymore but I enjoy being a part of this market. The venue Big Daddy's Antique is always so inspiring and we love seeing Remodelista's hand selected artisans and curators from LA area! So if you are on the west side of Los Angeles, stop by:) It will be great to see you!


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