Sunday, December 27, 2015

Notes To A Friend by Yuri Chung

Notes To A Friend / hourglass by Angie Park from Baum-Kuchen on Vimeo.

Few days before my birthday in mid-December, our friend Angie invited me and Sara of Great Plain to join her at the silent auction she was contributing. The video is a mini Instagram snippet from the night I captured.

"Notes To A Friend" by Yuri Chung was one of the most moving texts I have read in a while... Below is a description of the project from their website and why this came together.


Notes To A Friend began as a personal project by our friend and Untitled Mondays member Yuri Chung on Instagram.
A few months shy of her 4th year in remission from breast cancer, Yuri found out that her cancer had returned in the form of Stage 4 breast cancer.

Her response was "Notes To A Friend"
“This is a personal project I am starting today. Less than a month before I found out about my diagnosis, I had sent "notes" to a friend about my experience with breast cancer four years ago. Ironically, we were collaborating on a special project: mostly about being a survivor & moving forward. I still think these thoughts are valid, important, and worth sharing. I sent these to my friend in a simple word document, in no particular order or form. The designer in me went ahead and made this to share with you. I'll post a new "note" for the next 10 days.”

I hope you have a chance to read through her notes on their website when you are ready. At the gallery where the silent auction was hosted I pulled myself together to read all Yuri's notes until I got to her parents' letters to her. Her parents' letters... I had to read them by myself at home... taking few days to get through the entire letters because it really made my whole heart opened.

Sometimes we encounter these moments in life when you are nudged to rethink the meaning of life itself. Why do we do what we do... everyday?

I was grateful that I had an opportunity to be there with Angie and Sara the night.


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