Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bottle keep

If you go to a Japanese restaurant or a bar and order a bottle of wine (or sake), you have a choice of finishing the whole bottle or save the rest for your next visit. It's a Japanese custom called "bottle keep" to save unfinished bottles with customers' name on it so that the customer can come back to finish the rest.

With our recent happy occasion (hello baby girl:), we received some gifts in bottles. So we came up with a simple and easy way to honor our friends and their love by starting our own bottle keep collection. For some bottles... we're waiting to get together with the friend who gave us the bottle. For others we're going to pop them for special occasions (baby's 2 months birthday??) and give toast for our friendship.

Cheers to that!
we used Uni POSCA white, medium line. they are great in writing on dark surfaces!

name the bottlename the bottle


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