Sunday, July 25, 2010

clothes swap

After a week full of crying baby, hubby is giving extra "papa hands" this weekend... so I am having a few chunks of time between feedings to get things done around my real and online homes.

It's nice...

One of many things I've been dying to tackle for a while is getting my summer clothes out from the box that has been sitting in the garage forever. Even after having satchi, I've been wearing a lot of maternity outfits since they were all I had in my closet. It made things simple and it wasn't like satchi cared how mama looked in the mirror. She still gave me lots of love even when I looked sort of like "whatever". But now she has turned 6 week old, we're ready to start venturing out to the world. Maybe to a park... to friend's house... possibly to a farmer's market?? I also have a few appointments this coming week which I will need to go alone.

So it was time for a fashion show! I went through every single clothes and tried them on to see what fits and what doesn't. Well... turned out that I have another inch or so to shrink before I can fit in 2/3 of my pants collection. But I have enough to enjoy some variety in my closet. I love it!

Today we're off to Renegate Craft Fair. I had fun going through my new set of clothes to pick what I wanted to dress up with!!!

summer shirts!


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