Saturday, July 31, 2010

Only... if....

Heidi's painting
A few days ago I came across this post about not having goals is actually a good thing. The idea of creating an authentic path of life by doing "only" what feels passionate stuck with me.

These days my time is extremely limited.

Well... let me rephrase it. I still have the same 24 hours/day as I have always had but the "me time" is almost non existent. So when I encounter the rare moments when things are quiet and I have two free hands, I have to think really really hard and ask myself "what do I want to do??" I can get items from my to-do list crossed off... or I can follow my heart and do what I feel passionate.

Since I read the post, I have been consciously choosing my heart over the status quo. I believe if I keep doing things I love, it will eventually add up to become something great... even though the single setting is less than 10 minutes at a time...

If you can choose what you are going to do in the next free time..., what will you be doing?


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