Thursday, July 29, 2010

Satchi's corner

I love re-decorating satchi's corner.

When little-roo and I hang out, we spend a lot of time walking back and fourth around this little corner. I share stories about these beautiful goodies. It's so much fun to interact with the almost two months old baby. I can tell that she understands me more and more everyday and tries to talk to me with her big eyes. I also love how "girl appropriate" this corner looks and feels. There is something so soft and warm about it... Don't you think...?
satchi's corner
satchi's corner
I spelled s-a-t-c-h-i with ABC cards by Julie Morstad. They are taped with mt tape so no holes from push pins. (we are trying so hard not to put anything permanently on the wall... and using mt tape turned out to be a great solution!) I am looking forward to spelling new words every so often to keep things fresh. Thank you Angie so much for these fun cards.
p.s. I am going to be lining up these beautiful mt tape in baum-kuchen shop soon! I am super excited:)
satchi's corner
This is Satchi's first shoe correction:) I am absolutely in love with tiny shoes... In a month or so, I can put these on her when we go out for urban adventure! One on the left is from my friend in Spain... beautifully crochet. My best friend Penelope gave the middle pair to Satchi. They are handmade by Gracious May. I love the combination of the soft felt and leather on the bottom. Very very cozy... The right pair was another gift from Angie. I want to say that she got them in Paris while she was there for study. Beautiful flower pattern...

Then there are two lovely art work specially designed for Satchi. One on the left is Satchi's birthday painting given by Heidi, her grandmother in Germany. Hubby and I have our own birthday paintings also painted by Heidi and have them hang above our bed next to each other... I love that Satchi's birthday painting has so much more pink in it than ours... Art work on the right is designed by our friend Courtney. (She and her husband were our amazing wedding photographers. We've been friends since then:) Isn't it cool to have her own logo designed before she was born??? Satchi is going to be such a designer:) I also love the way Heidi's painting and Courtney's logo aesthetically synchronizes with each other (total coincidence!!) We have such a talented artists among friends and families...
satchi's corner
We also now have a "pacifier spot" for placing clean pacifiers. I was not a huge fun of pacifiers when we first started using it... but sometimes baby needs something to soothe with. It is placed on one of the WASARA, beautifully designed paper plate.


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