Saturday, November 6, 2010

little roo Saturday {5 months old}

Next week our little roo will turn 5 months old!
Time flies, doesn't it?

She is becoming chunkier, denser and taller everyday. Since she is growing out of her 3 months old outfits, I was going through some old/new clothes for her... and look what I found. The little sleeper she wore on the second day when she came home from the hospital. I couldn't help to put the tiny little outfit next to our 5 months old roo. Yep! She is one healthy baby:)

Also the big news of this week is... she can turn! She was taking her sweet time to start turning but yesterday she decided to go for it! First she looked puzzled... now she can't stop turning. She is like a little flipping burger! With her new skill, we need to be extra careful where to lay her down. We don't want accidental fall in our bedroom!

So very eventful week. This weekend we are cooking away at home. Roasted chicken, homemade pasta sauce, pear tart... and another surprise dessert on our list.

p.s. little roo is outfitted in a very cute tatico outfit! Thank you Roman & Tatiana!
satchi 5 months!satchi 5 months!satchi 5 months!


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