Monday, November 8, 2010

Why I love {mt masking tapes}

I think it's time for me to start sharing my love for some of the products I have in my shop!

The first one in the series is {mt masking tapes}. I totally fell in love with these tapes while we were in Tokyo two winters ago. The variety of fresh colors and pretty patterns is so impressive!  I became even a bigger fan when I looked up their background story.

Now very popular mt tapes have a very humble beginning as very utilitarian masking tapes that were used to mask paints and bundle/mark materials at construction sites. But some people (oh these awesome trendsetters!) knew that they could use these tapes for other purposes like photo collage and gift wrap... and shared their passion for masking tapes with mt company.  mt company quickly realized the unexpected potential these tapes had and started developing a totally new color palette. These new colors really highlight the "washi" characteristics of mt masking tapes and today they have become the staple of desktop items all over the world.

In the baum-kuchen shop, I hand selected color/pattern combination that felt most suitable for the idea of "simple/beautiful".  First three photos are "mint green stripe set" and 4th and 5th pics are "gray grid set". On the very last photo you can see all four color combination we have in the shop!

I love using these tapes around my house. They are great for decorating gifts and bringing colors to my sketchbook! Also the gray grid tape comes very handy as my label. I will put together another post with some usage ideas for these tapes:) If you like, you can check out mt website and get inspiration from other mt fans! (the inspiration page is in Japanese but they are all visual so I am sure you get a good kick out of it!)

and if you are interested, you can check out these mt tapes at baum-kuchen shop!

mt masking tapemt masking tapemt masking tapemt masking tapemt masking tapesmt masking tapes left to right...
1. mint green stripe set
2. colorful polka dot set
3. gray grid set
4. silver set.


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