Thursday, November 11, 2010

warm and cozy with pear tart

As the air gets crispier and the day becomes shorter, I find myself flipping through the pie recipes. Usually dessert is not on my radar in our kitchen since following a very specific baking instruction... goes against my nature.

But last weekend I wanted to slow myself down and focus on one task at a time... baking a pie just seemed perfect.

So here is my version of Vanilla-Spiced Caramel and Pear Tart via Bon Appetite. (find recipe here) I was little intimidated to get started but It was so much easier than it looks on the photo.

... and who can resist the fall flavor of pear and caramel??

We had "dessert for dinner" (yeah... all sugar for dinner...) on Sunday so consumed a huge chunk of it but ended up taking the other big chunk to my play/business date with guys from TWELVEZEROSEVEN.  We are marinating a really cool project together right now! I have sneak peak photos so stay tuned:)
pear tartpear tartpear tartpear tart


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