Saturday, November 13, 2010

therefore, i run

1/2 marathon
Tomorrow morning I will be running 1/2 marathon along the beautiful southern California beach.

I've been a runner for almost 15 years. For a few years I run competitively for a college cross country team but mostly I have run for myself. The forward moving motion of running has always propelled positive energy. I get inspired and energized when I am pushing the ground with my running shoes.

I took a long time off from running since I found out that I was pregnant and getting back to my running shoes was challenging... and that's when I decided that I should go for the race. I believe that the self propelled goal is always the most effective one because I can't run away from it and same goes for this race.

I have a lot of anticipation going into the race tomorrow. Last two months' training has been my way of finding a balance between being a mother and myself. The time I have curved out to reflect, rethink and release some of the tension (both good and bad). I know that my training has not been nearly enough so it won't be a cruise. It will hurt and it will be long... but I am determined to run it through no matter how long it might take.

Special thanks to my friend Penelope for joining me tomorrow morning!
And big big thanks to hubby and little roo for going along with the ride. I can't wait to see you guys at the finish line:)


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