Saturday, February 5, 2011

little roo {baby room}

Little roo was still feeling under the weather so we decided to spend a day to give her room a big make over!

Yeah. We have been one of those parents who didn't go crazy over the baby's nursery. Few reasons. 1. we didn't know what we really needed to do; 2. we just moved in this house when little roo was born so we didn't have time nor energy to tackle the nursery; 3. we didn't need the room yet... until today.

Now we have the room 90% finished, we are ecstatic! We have an open space where all three of us can spend time together comfortably. All the toys somewhat fit on her shelf and our living room has some breathing room again!

Soon we will be putting art works in her room and it will be THE place to hang out:)
little roo's room!little roo's room!little roo's room!


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