Monday, February 14, 2011

sweetness = happiness

I hope you are enjoying a lovely evening...

When we first started dating, we made an unofficial pledge that we would not go out for a big valentine's day dinner... just because it's so crowded out there and becomes little superficial to us when we dine next to all these other lovers.
*** disclaimer: please don't take me wrong. I have nothing against anyone else who have awesome dine-out experience tonight! enjoy:)

So as usual, we are keeping it as a very low-key celebration... starting the day with very sweet (vegan and almost no sugar/gluten) strawberry shortcakes. Right now special dinner is being prepared in the kitchen and I had a chance to secretly wrap a few strawberry shortcakes for dessert between little roo's bedtime and hubby talking on the phone.

It's the small details that make a big difference, right?

More moments filled with sweetness and happiness to come in next 365 days!
strawberry shortcakestrawberry shortcakestrawberry shortcake


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