Monday, February 7, 2011

Behind the scene {collaboration with TWELVEZEROSEVEN}

I am so excited to finally share behind the scene story of baum-kuchen's collaboration with TWELVEZEROSEVEN!

Jane and Dale of TWELVEZEROSEVEN are the designers behind the Message Bag. We've been good friends ever since we first met at our design school and have been sharing our passion for great designs and creative lifestyle. They recently launched Snug Attack after having their adorable twins focusing on baby(twins) apparel with typography twist. When I saw their clever yet sophisticated collection, I knew that their aesthetic would be a perfect fit for the baum-kuchen shop.

We had great time brainstorming on possible design opportunities! We wanted to create something meaningful yet very functional for everyday life while highlighting their sense of style.  We have always used these two phrases, "Everything happens for a reason" and "It is what it is." as our creative/life mantras... so we were ecstatic when our creative magic sparked and came to the conclusion that we should use these phrases as a core of inspiration for this collection.

The result is the Message Bag... designed and hand screen-printed by Jane & Dale in their LA studio. Check out some of the photos from behind-the-scene in their shop and more! (photo credit to Dale for screen printing studio shots)

I am absolutely in love with their typographic interpretation of these mantras. They played with the contrast between first and second read on these designs. "Everything happens for a reason" reads as "YES" from 10 feet away and the upside down "It is what it is." makes you think twice when you first read it before realizing the actual meaning behind it.

These designs communicate their attitude towards everything they do and genuinely captures the essence of what I like baum-kuchen to stand for.

Thank you Jane & Dale! It has been a blast working with you guys:)

p.s. if you haven't seen the video we put together to showcase our Message Bag, check out the link here!
the Message Bag {process} the Message Bag {process}the Message Bag {process}the Message Bag {process}the Message Bag {process}the Message Bag {process} 
 the Message Bag {process}the Message Bag {process}the Message Bag {process}the Message Bag {process} the Message Bag


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