Friday, February 11, 2011

the Message {framed}

When I was working with Jane & Dale on our Message Bag, they gave me some screen printed samples to check out. These samples were printed on pieces of scrap canvas with the two mantras we used... just to see how the screen print would come out on the material.

Instantly I fell in love with these samples so I was really happy when they let me keep one pair. For last few months I had them pinned on our breakfast nook wall with clips but now they are properly framed. To highlight the lovely canvas textures and edge fringes, I kept them exposed without using glass panel... pinned against a white washi-paper with silver clips.

I am totally in love with them:)

Also check out the blue Tina from Wooly Pockets!  (thanks Jane & Dale:) I love it as a little indoor succulent garden.

They totally make this little corner of the living room my favorite spot in the house!
"the Message" framed"the Message" framed"the Message" framed"the Message" framed


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