Wednesday, February 2, 2011

little roo {first sick day}

satchi in white bear outfitsatchi in white bear outfit
This must be something that every newly parents have to go through... the baby's first sick day.

This morning our little roo was fussier than usual... we thought she woke up on the wrong side of her bed. Turned out that her whole body was warmer than it should be... so we took a temperature... and yep... above 100F°.

We took the day easy and recorded her temperature every hour. By end of the night, she didn't get better but she didn't get worth either. She had very healthy appetite and wanted to play with her toys in the afternoon. We are wondering if she is going through the first round of teething?

We will have to monitor her throughout the night and tomorrow. I hope she gets better soon. We want the cheery & active baby girl back:)

p.s. photos are from the weekend. we took a nice "after the rain" walk together. I will use any excuse to dress her in the white bear outfit!


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