Friday, March 25, 2011

Be there...

I am happy that we are done with this week.
It was one of those weeks that felt very long w/o enough time to rest or get rejuvenated.

Hubby powered through the last two days with little roo. While I buried myself in the project, they filled their days with grocery shopping adventure(s), making homemade pasta in the kitchen and playing with special socks. Hearing loud giggles from her room is so priceless. I am happy that I can work from home and still be close to her while I work... but my work-day is definitely different from my roo-day.

Week like this makes me want to go back to little roo's photo collection and appreciate how much she has grown from the day 1...  I sometimes do wonder if I am spending enough time with her. I know the way of parenting will never feel "enough" because there is always something more I can do with her and for her... but I hate to wake up on one morning to find her all grown up.

I want to make sure to be there and feel the moment with her everyday.

p.s. pics from the homemade pasta:)
homemade pastahomemade pastahomemade pasta


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