Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ever since we got into the month of March, I've been thinking a lot about life. Midnight visit to ER for a family matter, reflecting on the first year memorial of Norm's sudden departure... everything about this month makes me realize that we have very little control over what happens to us and it would be a loss if we don't make the most out of our day... everyday...

Personally I have been contemplating about many of the hats I wear in daily basis... and my need to take some hats away in order to either replace those hats with something more fitting on me or simply wear less hats all together.

I don't know what it really means yet... but here are few things I know.

Between hubby and I, we have been taking care of our little roo full-time and that's something we don't want to compromise.

I am craving for doing something that is uniquely me and creative... including working more on my baum-kuchen shop and creating something that is more tangible.

Well... how are you doing? Did news like the ones from Japan make you rethink of your life too? 


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