Friday, March 18, 2011

SOS messages from Japan

Dear friends,

I was going to have Blogger Day of Silent today... but when I woke up this morning, I realized that somehow I should find a way to contribute my time and skill to make a difference... even a small one. 

As you know, Japan was struck by multiple layers of disasters in past six days and it is still continuing. Just like you I have seen so many news/videos online and TV both in Japanese and English... However after 3-4 days of trying to gather information, I realized that real truth is not shared on mass media... Please read this post written by Tatsumi Takuro (which I have translated in English) about the glimpse of what the reality is.

There are individuals who are writing blog posts and leaving comments on other people's blogs (especially on celebrity blogs with high traffic) desperately asking for help.... so this morning I started to aggregate and translate these SOS stories from Japan in hopes that someone can provide relief or help.

Here is what I have collected/translated so far. 
Japan SOS: 

From what I could gather, some Fukushima neighborhoods near nuclear power plant are having very difficult time receiving any relief supply because people who are delivering the relief goods are afraid of being exposed to radiation... Many of them are running out of food and water. Even after they have survived the earthquake and Tsunami, they are still fighting for survival. Though some residents would like to evacuate the area, they have difficult time doing so due to lack of gas fuel.

I understand it is very frustrating to read about all these stories because we are so far away and there is very little we could do to help… but please read them and share these stories with others as it would greatly help to bring heightened awareness to what is really happening there… right now…

and maybe these stories can help in some ways to expedite the delivery process of supplies...

Thank you,


p.s. i want to thank my hubby for giving me a day to bury myself in this task... and watching little roo all day today. 


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