Tuesday, March 29, 2011

saying no is saying yes

I am slowly making some progress in streamlining my life... to have more focus in what I do and how I do.

To start what seems like a possible chain-reaction process, I said "no" to a request that I would normally take on... It's hard to say "no" when I know the option to say "yes" leads to the tempting implications like money, career, etc. etc. but I knew "no" would be what I would have wanted.

Now that I chose not to do certain things, it feels like I am opening brand new doors. It's difficult to imagine exactly which path I would end up taking based on some of the decision/s I am making right now... but for now... it feels pretty good and that's important.

I am definitely saying more "yes" to these roo moments.
walk with roowalk with roowalk with roo


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