Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mini vacation

Hubby is out of town so little roo and I are enjoying our own version of a staycation this week! Our lovely friend from Michigan is visiting us until Wednesday then there is a playdate, lunch, wine, etc. scheduled till the very afternoon he comes home.

Caring for little roo for full-time makes my life little more straightforward. No switching gears between multiple responsibilities... My only job is to simply be happy for people around me. The days are not any easier/difficult than any other work days I usually have but just different.

I'm reading a PDF version of "focus, A simplicity manifest in the Age of Distraction" by Leo Bobauta right now.  Since life gets little more complicated than I would like it to be, I sometimes need a good reminder that it's okay to let go of some stuff - both emotional and physical "stuff" I tend to get stuck with.

I'm working on simplifying my life and probably will be working on it for a long time... but like anything else, I think we should get an A+ for getting started, right?

p.s. thank you Suzanne for a lovely Polaroid card! 
polaroid card


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