Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12:20:11 [5/365] - holiday spirit

We are loving the holiday spirit... day and night!

Each morning we wake up and open the advent calendar which was sent by little roo's German grandmather with love. It has become such a nice morning ritual for us... Usually FB holds little roo up so she could reach the linen bag... then I cut the ribbon... We all look into the bag together and roo pulls little goodies out of the bag:)

Tonight we took our little roo to a mini drive after she took bath and all suited up in her pajama. She LOVES all the lighting decoration in the neighborhood... so it was a special treat.

Last year roo was little too small to know what was going on with all the holiday craziness and our life felt bit too chaotic to really immerse ourselves. So this year is really the first time that we are "experiencing" this special moments as a family... and it has been so sweet.

We are planning to maximize our next few days at home:)


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