Thursday, December 29, 2011

gift as an experience

As I made one of the last trips to the (still busy) post office this morning..., I thought of all the gift exchanges that happen during this season.

I love the totally fuzzy feeling that I get when I have "the perfect gift" for someone... but it is quite a journey to get there. I probably overthink the idea of gift giving... but then... why bother giving something unless it's absolutely perfect? So I am on a mission to come up with special something for FB's birthday that is approaching in 7 days. With Christmas, I feel little bit like I have drained all my gift imagination energy.

Then my friend Angie totally inspired me to think outside of the box. She brought us a box that was not supposed to be tilted until we open it on Christmas Eve. As FB and I unveiled the box together, there were beautifully packaged bottles of beer (one Japanese and one German beer with our name tag on it!!), little thank you card and another small box inside which had a gorgeous brass bottle opener... so we can give a toast to an upcoming year and our ongoing friendship. I thought, "well... this is a gift that is memorable and will last for a long time both in our heart and in our home...".

FB and I always tell each other that "the perfect gift is an intersection between yourself and someone you care. It is meaningful, has a story and is sustainable... ".

I am definitely on a mission!


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